Monday, July 27, 2009

For Healthy Eyelashes

Olive Oil/Castor Oil

You can apply castor oil or olive oil on your eyelashes to make it beautiful and long. Apply it with a clean mascara brush on your eyelashes. Make sure the oil doesn’t get inside your eyes


Applying glycerin mixing it with castor oil will make the eyelashes strong, beautiful and long. Apply it at night, leave it overnight and wash off in the morning.


Applying Vaseline at night is helpful. If you apply mascara and eye liners then wash them off carefully before application of Vaseline.

Tips: Put away the eyelash curler and cheap mascara. If you regularly apply mascara and then curl your lashes, you are most likely breaking the lashes away. Mascara dries on your lashes and the torque of the curler simply makes your lashes break. If you must curl your lashes, curl your bare lashes and then apply a quality mascara to ensure eyelash health.

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