Thursday, August 6, 2009

Maximum benefit from Vegetables

How to get maximum benefit from vegetables

Vegetables are the source of good quality food like vitamins,minerals,fibre,proteins and carbohydrates.

Way of cooking Vegetables:

1. Buy fresh vegetables and cook them as soon as possible. donot overstock your fridge.

2. Wash the vegetables in running water before cutting them.

3. Vegetables used in salads should be soaked in salt water for an hour and washed in the drinking water.

4. Cut vegetables before consuming them. Do not cut and store in the refrigerator.

5.The water in which vegetables are boiled should not be discarded as it contains the essential vitamins and minerals.

6. Always cover the vessel witha lid while cooking. This will reduce the loss of vitamins due to evaporation.

7.Do not overcook vegetables.

8.Cook in minimum water. Adding excess water and then cooking with the pan uncovered untill water evaporations, destroys all the vitamins,

9.When cooking green vegetables, add them to the cooking pan at the end, and vegetables that take longer to cook, such as potatoes. After adding the green vegetable, stir for a few seconds and turns off the flame.This preserves the vitamins and anhances the green color and taste.

10. Add salt at the end, so that the vitamins are preserved better.


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